Jennifer Connon, RN 
Owner, Clinical Director

Jennifer graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 1998 with a Business degree. Upon graduation, she worked for Merrill Lynch as
a financial consultant helping people achieve their financial goals. 

After several years in financial services and through a series of unfortunate family related health issues, Jennifer realized something was missing. She always had a passion for helping others and
realized her true calling was to become a nurse. With 3 small children, Jen made the decision to return to school full time to pursue her
nursing degree. She was accepted into the accelerated program
at the Massachusetts General Institute of Heath Professions where
she graduated with honors. 

Being a registered nurse is a difficult job, but it gives her great joy in providing care to patients.  She is currently employed at MGH in Boston and alternates between two different units; general medical and RACU (Respiratory Acute Care Unit).  She cares for patients with various levels of complicated medical needs including but not limited to those with Cancer, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Lung, Kidney and Liver transplants.  She is involved in every aspect
of their care from admission to discharge.  It is at the discharge
stage that she realized there is a lack of professional, qualified caregivers to assist patients with their non-medical needs once
they leave the hospital. 

Jennifer created 365 Care to address these needs and focus on
high quality compassionate care for those who need assistance in the home. She is directly responsible for all training and treatment planning to the caregivers at 365 Care so they will be able to provide the best care available. 

Jeff Connon
Director of Operations

Jeff has been involved in health care since 1994. He has worked for several banks on their specialty finance teams and his expertise is in organizational management and financial solutions. In his role at 365 Care, Jeff will assist Jen with the daily operations for scheduling, billing and financial reporting. Jeff will provide Jen with the support needed to allow her to focus on the hiring and clinical aspects of the business to be able to provide the best care possible to 365 Care’s patients.